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I am Ricci Tauscher, model, blogger, singer and dancer! About...


I kept singing always private, until someone told me that he liked my voice very much. And so it came that I released my first single "Komm' wir halten heut' die Welt an",  followed by "Bis zum letzten beat" and  "I'm Coolin' No Foolin'" .

As the so called "Latexlady" I was able to sing  in 2019 in front of the DSDS Jury ( "Deutschland sucht den Superstar", similar to America's Got Talent), and perform in front of Dieter Bohlen. 


Latex is my favorite material and my mission is to make it more suitable. Latex is fashion. You don't believe it? I travel a lot and  produce  blogs in YouTube, traveling the world in latex and presenting different cities. No hiding,  everybody can see how beautiful and suitable Latex can be!



Dancing has always been very important to me, I started ballet at the age of 4 and after graduating from high school ("Abitur") I completed a dance education in ballet and modern dance.

Nowadays I am happy to be able to work so versatile with the above-mentioned things. I definitely never get bored!

Thank you for visiting my website!

Yours,  Ricci

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